Why Donamp39t Men With Small Members Just Disappear From The Human Gene Pool

so my boyfriend and i started having sex like 2 months ago. he is experienced (he's 22, i'm 21) but i realized that he doesn't last long in bed. the longest he's gone is about 5mins then he stops. we do take a break and try to go back at it again but its still like only 5 mins or even less is the longest. how do i tell him or how do i talk to him about it?? i want to be satisfied too and it makes me sexually frustrated. plz help =(

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Women like foreplay and it is the WORST thing to do before intercourse. If you get it in and off fast ASAP the next time you will last longer and so on. See the problem is men get all worked up in the foreplay and when he orgasms he pretty much gets drained in just one ejaculation. If women would just lay down and spread right off the bat then she could enjoy some good foreplay for the next round in the session. He will last longer and go at it more often in the session.

there are ways first decide wat do u want more foreplay or sex?U can have a loger foreply to enjoy before he comes or if u like a longer duration in sex u can always consult a doc....or take pills like viagara etc....do not bother much as it happens to many ppl...

when you feel like going to cum just think of something thats going to turn you off for a while.also try a different position where in you can easily stop your load.make her go to the top it helps a lot from cumming you can easily stop your load at that position and she will enjoy.also try condoms that are not thin.

Girl~ well if he is out of shape once he comes thats it, change it, sometimes we men get bored of the same stuff all the time, i've been married 10years and it was getting to be like that, and i told her, well woman , CHANGE something, i did to, during the day, while your home, put something tight, bend over infront of him, make sure you turn him on all day, and when you get to bed at night, have him touch you, tell him, * BABY LICK ME* or something, change it up make him want to eat you alive, DONT let him take your panties off, have him rub and kiss and lick, but talk to him, tell him slowly what you want, and compliment him, OMG i gotta go, lol i think i got to wake my wife up~ lol

it may be hard for her at the beginings, but it might be normal after some times, so go on for your fast fast fast sex she will get used to it after some times

should get better stamina. google kegels for men and try that out too. probably still hurts her because you guys only have sex 1-2 a month. vagina's will stretch if you keep at it.

is it her first time? well my advice is to be gentle when you kiss her and caress her body. and gentle when you first penitrate. take it slow...and then as it gets mor pleasurable for her, get a lil more into it. but please for her sake dont just get you nut and call it good. make her feel special...dont just get off of her and start getting dressed, touch her body, kiss her neck...ect. just be conciderate. and im sure if its your first time shes not gonna be worried about how good or bad it is.

Have him masturbate about an hour before you have sex, or give him head,and have him ejaculate. then he can spend the next hour focusing on you. Most guys take about 30minutes to get an erections again after ejaculating.

i don't think you realize how absolutely depraved it is what you did! it doesn't matter what the situation was you are 52 years old you should have been able to contain yourself. and how dare you fear for your own well being!!! this girl is 15 years old, instead of wondering whether or not she'll tell on you, you should wonder whether or not she's okay?! and i have no idea what to tell you about what to do... stay away from this woman and her child, and if you get arrested and sent back to Romania then you completely deserve it! this woman trusted you enough to stay and take care of her child and all you did was take advantage of a girl who's not only underage but she's vulnerable.

Cardio workouts won't improve you in that way, but there are other ways of improving the length (like taking the erection pills), but you won't get tired as easily.

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Why Donamp39t Men With Small Members Just Disappear From The Human Gene Pool

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