How Can I Circumcise Myself Tonight Does It Help To Pour Vinegar On It After Its Done

its embarrassing with my girlfriend. ive tried to have something good with her but i always feel cumming so quick what can i do to prevent that and have good durable sex.. help please.....

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No couple ever has the same sex drive, well sure some do, but not many. If your man is coming too soon, then, he may have to masturbate before you enjoy sex. There are desensitizing lubricants and other ways, to prevent him from coming. Maybe he should do foreplay with you longer, so it doesn't take as long as it did, for you to come with him.

There is always the 2nd round. Maybe you are rushing too much, keep after it and he should be able to please you as well as get off again. Another option he needs to try is ejaculating an hour or so before sex. Probably with health issues, he may need to practice to see if he can recover that fast, but may be a solution.

You need to masturbate to the point of orgasm and then stop. Let the feeling die down and start again, stopping each time you are about to come. Keep going until you can't stop yourself. To help, when you are close to coming, squeeze tightly just below the helmet of your penis and hold, waiting for the feeling to die down. Practice until you can stop with will power and not rely on squeezing. When you are not masturbating but going to the toilet, urinating, stop in the middle of the flow, hold it, and then start again. Do it a couple of time. When you do this you are training the muscles to hold off ejaculating when you have sex. Mental pressure can make you blow your load early when you're with a girl. So masturbating alone doesn't really simulate the pressure of actual sex. Practice on muscle-control and holding back orgasm and you'll last longer.

Honestly, neither. Often a quickie is just as nice as average length sex, and often (if he does his job properly) once is enough!

just tell him if he comes now, you'll never have sex again. maybe u should just suck him off for 5 min and then have sex?

That was just that, a rumor. Circumcision removes a ton of sensitivity from the male, thus people connect that with lasting longer, however that's not true. Not being able to control ejaculation or orgasm has really nothing to do with sensitivity. It's about control, that's it. Circumcision makes it HARDER to reach orgasm, but it doesn't make it take longer. There is a difference. Uncircumcised the orgasm comes much more naturally and you don't have to force it or even really try. so it comes easier but not faster. In fact studies have shown circumcision greatly increases the chances of a man getting any sexual dysfunction esspecially premature ejaculation. Because the man has less nerve endings he will have less control, and therfore orgasm quicker. Uncircumcised men last longer and average than circumcised men. So really yes men lose a very substantial amount of sensitivity but it makes them not last as long or not have as much control. -Connor

he has to be the one to make it last longer... just tell him to stop moving when he thinks he's getting ready to get off and just lay there for a while... or tell him to masturbate about an hour before you start having sex so he'll stay harder longer..

He's probably realizing how sexy you have become as you two grow older together and it excites him further. Happens to me with my fiancee.

yea b4 u have sex jak up. bcuz when yu 1st start fuking and u cum the first tyme.most guys like to call it quits cuz yur man hood goes down. but jak off b4 so wen u fuk n yur manhood wakes up.u dnt have 2 worry about cumming 4 a while. and u stay hard.? hope i helped. or wen u need a break eat her out( thats mean lik her pu$y, just 2 make sure) till yur ready 2 go bak at it.

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