I Dont Last Very Long In Bed

Does anyone have any tips on how to last longer in bed?ive been at it a few time with my girlfriend but not for hours and was woundering if anyone had tips.?

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i ahven't been experience with this but.. u should talk to him about it. and tell him how you feel.... maybe he'll tell u what it feels like too good luck

Then Leave.. If your not happy then what the hell are you in your marriage for! Stop Bitc!ing about it and do something about it. Leave.

Masturbation itself is a very very bad habit , and too much of it certainly is going to have its toll. When young you will not feel its effect that much. But it will make you 'hollow' from inside-I mean 'sexually hollow'. Your sex power will be finished. You will not remain able to do anything to the girls but only use your hands. It also causes shrinking of the penis. It will not grow bigger. Please stop it. If you stop it now, you may regain your vigor. At later stage it is impossible to come back. No medicine can make you normal.

Hello Daniel, The fact is that whilst in school they tell us the very basic mechanics of sex, the certainly dont teach us to be good at it, add to that the fact that we are all conditioned by society that sex is something so dirty we cant talk about it not even to our sexual partners how are we supposed to know what they find sexually arousing or pleasureable? Let me try to give you a head start OK? Men and women arrive at orgasm in very different ways, a woman is like a long slow burner, she starts having sex about 6pm and you start at 11.30pm. Let me explain that, a lot of what makes a woman climax starts in her head, the anticipation of pleasures to come, if you combine that with erotic petting and foreplay her excitement builds to the point where she's half way there before penetration even begins. Unlike men, when the actual pysical stimulation stops, women do not imediatly begin to subside and that's the key, when you feel yourself starting to get there, stop for the count of three (or four, whatever it takes) and let your excitement subside, then start again, then stop again. This technique really works and has been the sorce of many multiple orgasms in its time. Remember too that for a woman foreplay really works (slow burner) stoke the flames of passion first by playing with some of the following erogenous zones; Lips A number one zone, packed with nerve endings and full of suggestiveness, the lips are just as important as other areas. Try teasing small kisses that barely part your lips as well as long, lingering passionate snogs. Clitoris The highest concentration of nerve endings in the body. Experiment above and below the hood with plenty of lubrication. Vagina This is particularly sensitive on the front wall (tummy side) where the hidden depths of the clitoris can be stimulated - but don't miss the famous G-spot either. Breasts Men love touching women's breasts, and luckily for us we love it too! The sensitivity of the breasts varies hugely with hormonal fluctuations so always check what kind of touch your partner enjoys and follow their guide. Nipples Stroke them, tweak them, lick them - nipples are a very sensitive area of the body and the perfect place to start when getting her in the mood. Be careful though, nipples are affected by hormones so start slowly and work out what she likes. Throat/Neck Gently kiss her throat, and lift her hair to caress the back of her neck. The skin is particularly receptive to touch in these areas and this kind of loving attention feels especially intimate. Belly button This is more sensitive than you might imagine. Circle an innie and rub the base of an outie, either one will send vibrations direct to the genitals. Hips Use a light touch with the whole of your hand to firmly stroke and cup the hips - it will make her feel really feminine. Inner Thighs The key here is to always move in an upward direction, getting teasingly closer to her hotspots to build her anticipatory arousal. Wrists and palms The skin on the wrists and palms is really sensitive. Try rubbing in a light circular motion on the palm of the hand. Encourage her to open her hands to receive your touch. Armpits To know that your whole body is loved and cared for is what every woman wants and what better way to prove that than pampering her pits? Go very gently and softly, and she'll feel tingly all over. So there you have it, remember the foreplay and take your time. Good luck and healthy regards, you budding Cassanova! Brian.

Try this...when you feel like he is going to finish, pull him out...don't touch "it" though...kiss him, let him play with you...THEN, start up again. Sometimes we get so into it, it just happens. But thats what i would do. Give it a shot!

Okay so hears the deal. You know the sitch with cock rings right? Their MO is that they slow the blood flow so you last longer via constriction. Wearing a condom causes constriction therefore you last longer. One way to draw out an orgasm is to slow down as soon as you feel like you're almost there. Try a long, passionate kiss or pulling out and kissing her neck. Then when you start back up again its like it erases the last five minutes and now you have another ten to fifteen. That's just a general example but this does work. My man and i used to have the same dilemma at the beginning of our relationship. Hope this helps hon ^_^

The subject of premature ejaculation is pretty huge, and there are lots of different ways to go about curing it, depending on your preferences and situation. If he sincerely wants to work on it, he can "train" himself (body and mind) to last longer, and you can help him with that process. This is way more effective over the long term than using topical gels or creams. Physical props like wearing 2 condoms might be "a quick fix" that helps to begin with, but shouldn't be considered long term solutions. It involves becoming aware of the stages of arousal, and then slowly but surely building the self-control to prolong orgasm, which can be broken down in stages. Some of the previous answers are on the right track, such as: When he approaches the point of no return, he should stop and wait, or do the squeeze technique (or you do it for him.) He should focus on whole-body sensuality, including satisfying you first, and not on his own orgasm. He should use deep, rhythmic breathing to help relax and provide a focal point other than orgasm. And, he should practice all of the above during masturbation (alone or with you) in order to extend his arousal cycle, on both a mental and physical level. If you really like/love him, be patient and work with him. This is tough for most guys, and in terms of nature (evolution, etc.) the more quickly a male can ejaculate, the better chances he has of survival and procreation without being eaten by a predator. In other words, this reflex is to a large degree hard wired into us. Check out the free articles at the blog below, and I highly recommend Ejaculation Trainer too (see blog.) It has some quality information in it.

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