How Can My Husband Quotlast Longerquot In Bed

When a man has a erection that last for more than 4 hours, this is a serious medical condition. The clinical term is referred to as a priapism. Erections that last for a long time are usually painful. What happens as I hear that the blood accumulates in the member, but can't get out. Kind of like the thunder dome, except 2 men enter, no men leave. If blood stays in there to long, the tissue begins to die, (I'm guessing due to lack of a oxygenated blood supply) there are some cases in which a men have erections for too long and part of the love shaft must be removed. So what this means is that its better for a man to be "early on the gun" if you will. And when it comes to early premature ejaculation ladies call me Usain Bolt. But no need to fight ladies there is enough dorkness to go around.

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he asked if you was okay you said yes. so it sounded like he thought you liked it. maybe he was showing off or tryin to make it feel good for you. mayb since your a virgin you dont know what hard or slow is. idk. sorry.

1. No, I actually don't like super skinny girls. But they can't be overweight, that's def not a turnon. 2. Yeah, I prefer bigger, but it has to look right on her frame. A 5'2 110lb girl with 36Ds just looks funny. 3. Well, I'm a young teenager, so I can't answer 100%. In general, twice a week. Maybe more. 4. I guess the innocent look. I'm one that leans more towards cute than "gorgeous". Second would be hoodies and jeans (It sounds weird, but certain girls look really damn good in jeans and a hoodie.) 5. Not really? 6. Haha, skip. 7. Nah not really. 8. Well, if I like her, she always has my full attention. 9. This differs alot per guy. In general, the stereotype is "lots of fast sex" 10. Some people think it feels better.

Try getting him to masturbate some time before you guys start and see if that works. Other than that just shorten foreplay and get to the good stuff sooner.

first off not enough foreplay. he should satisfy you first .you can also get condoms called prolong helps guys last longer i think they are called prolong?

My bread box seems to keep my bread fresh longer. You can always freeze your bread. When it thaws out it is just as fresh as when you froze it.

I suggest that he either wears a condom or masturbates before having sex. That way when you acctually go to do it he won't be as eagar to have an orgasm and he will last longer. He also can learn to control his breathing. When he feels he is going to ejaculate he can take deep breaths and that might help. Uncircumcised does make a difference however not the reason that a lot of people say. Many will say since uncircumcised men are more sensitive they won't last as long. This is untrue. Uncircumcised men are much more sensitive however they have three times the nerve endings on circumcised men. This means they have more control as well. Circumcised men are much more likely to have premature ejaculation and uncircumcised men on average last longer. You can also do something like give him oral or mannual stimulation (handjob) and bring him to orgasm, then while he's waiting 10-20 minutes to get another erection he will spend that time focusing on you, giving you oral or mannual and pleasing you. Then once he gets another erection you guys can have sex and since he just ejaculated he will last longer. Kind of like masturbating before hand but more fun cause you are doing it lol Sometimes my guy gets a feeling he will orgasm quickly because he's so turned on and we usually do that. It's lots of fun. -Connor

When I was young, like 12-13 (I'm 23 now) my mom and dad split and I didn't want to accect it right away. But then my mom's bf started hanging out with me and we went out and did fun stuff, just the two of us. My dad wasn't there for me like that. Anyways, I grew on him and we became really good friends. I realized how much happier my mom was with him. My mom and him have been married now for several years and I have a great relationship with both of them. Does your bf spend time with you son without anyone else sometimes ? He should. Hope this helps. Good luck.

Masturbation is used to teach one to sustain an erection longer. Therefore, you need to masturbate more often. Try to challenge yourself!

he probly very nerves tell him its OK and he may last longer and go slower in bed and if he is going to blow stop and then star again and it may help if nothing helps tell him to go and see someone that Can help. hope this helps

Ah, yes, my specialty.... take protein powder and drink diet coke and a little water. A lasting erection requires the sustained availability of cyclic Guanosine MonoPhosphate (cGMP). cGMP relaxes smooth muscle to let blood in, vasodilation. Protein powder you can get guanosine Diet coke gives phosphates (derived from phosphoric acid). a little water adds bulk to your plasma. how much diet coke? at least 3 cans of soda a couple hours prior to. water just enough to not use the bathroom. DO NOT use regular coke--excessive sugar kills a woody. try it out and have a great time! : )

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