When I Quotbaitquot I Only Last For Around 2mins Ill Last Longer In Bed Right

Meaning how quickly you finish off. Does it have anything to do with how sexually attracted you are towards the person? How good they are? Or what? I'd like to know your thoughts on this :)

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wel you can get these condoms, that prevent you to cum it takes longer for you to cum they really do work they worked for me and my boyfriend!

Were you attracted to the person even? Guys! How do I ask him for sex? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091029210807AADDfIz

I'm nine too but I'm in forth grade. Did you skip 2 or 3 grades? I guess I would like to read the first one it's more exciting and interesting to me but ninjas are assassins not warrior's and the city would have an easy solved problem with the fire using the water surrounding the city wouldn't they? And a half vampire is almost impossible seeing that vampires are undead. Good luck against the Hungravian Horntail and a Merry Christmas

It Varies from person to another for both sexes,the range is( 5-25) minutes ,more than that it will hurt the genital organs for both .

agree.. more you have sex longer hell last. tell him it could be worse. my ex cannot last for even 5 minutes. hes average was 3 minutes. i know thats funny. but some people are just like that. and now he is not a virgin. lol. dont know why.. but yeah.. he doesnt last long at all. lol who ever gave me thumbs down might have something in common with my ex. lol

when I was your age I had the same problem, and still have it, it takes me to long too(sometimes as much as a half hour), the best advice I can give you is to get "warmed up" first whether you do it yourself or you and your wife do some morer foreplay, you both can have some real fun with it, and the problem you describe is not an uncommon problem, delayed ejaculation is actually the number 1 sexual condition

Its not a physical illness....you just need to go through some ejaculation control "retraining"...its worked wonders for me As I mentioned in another question, check this out: "How do Porno Actors Last so Long?" http://www.mistermanpower.net/blog/?p=47

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When I Quotbaitquot I Only Last For Around 2mins Ill Last Longer In Bed Right

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