I Last Too Long In Bed

I'm versatile in bed. But I look like a stereotypical top(hairy body, husky frame). Therefore, I attracted more bottoms than tops. I'm 41 and I've only slept with 8 men. Shocking, I know. But then again, I've been in long term monogamus relationships with these men back to back. In fact, I just ended a 7-year monogamus relationship last month. Now, I'm single. Anyway, I've had 8 boyfriends. 5 of them were total bottoms, 2 of them were versatile and only 1 of them was a total top. Now, I'm planning to live the single life for a few years but I want to hook up every now and then. So far, I've chatted with lots of gay guys, most were bottom. When I told them I was verse, a lot of would say "in other words, you're a bottom". I don't get that, why are verse men and bottoms lumped together?

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Don't be embarrassed. If you've had this problem a while it might be a good idea to go to the doctor. If there is a medical reason, your doc will find and fix it. Don't be ashamed to go to the doctor either. They know how to help. If they rule out a medical reason, then it's probably a mental barrier you need to overcome. Some guys have said they had to train themselves not to finish too quickly and keep holding it in.

Usually the best way to have control is to just be having sex on a regular basis (IE every day or every other day). You are married so you should have access, not like some guy depending on dating and occasionally getting lucky.

just relaxx!! u dont have to finish. in bed if u want u would never finish!! so its UR choice to finish or not!! but if u want advice for her to like havin sex with u, than u gotta be more carefull!!! like nipple at her nick.do some lickin, give her a french kiss.AND dont push ur as* too fast caz that hurts our (grls) vagina!! and touch her nicly and slowly!!(u know whr! ;p) yep that all!

Oh, dear. Your mom already knows. Deep down in her heart, she knows. But she's in denial. She doesn't WANT to know. And she doesn't want to admit it to you that your father is having an affair. To admit that would be to admit (only in her mind) to failure on her part. She's not the failure in this situation, your dad is. It must be very difficult to respect either of them in this situation. It's got to be hard to trust and respect your dad, knowing that he's a lying cheat. And it's got to be difficult to respect your mom, because you want her to be a stronger person and confront him and do something about it. However, there is nothing that you can do to change this dynamic. You didn't cause it, so you can't fix it. And ultimately, but confronting her with evidence, that would be what you are attempting to do - fix it. The one thing you can do, however, is to just make sure that you don't repeat this same dynamic in your own relationships as you get older. I feel for you, I really do.

pornos are fake, you have sex and cum multiple times, ut the editors can edit, delete, and add multiple scenes, or different camera angles to make it look like they're having sex for a long time, when it's usually they last like an average man

Give a girl orgasms other ways. After all, you do have a tongue and fingers don't you? Tighten your PC muscle. That's the muscle you use when you're holding in your pee. I can last around 45 minutes when I do that. Also, there is a special type of condom that will make you last longer. -Scott.

a lot matters on your partner, your own mental state at that time. There are times when even two and three times a night is not enough to satisfy me, and I am 47. At other times, if my or my partners mood is just not there, then keeping erect even for a few minutes is a big thing. It's all in the mind. Don't think about wanting to keep erect for a n hour when you are doing it, just consider the task at hand-pleasuring your partner and getting pleasure from your partner. You are young and over a period of time will definitely develop the art of keeping your self on the edge but not letting go while your partner's has orgasms. Be happy as you are!

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