So I Have A Problem With Lasting To Long In Bed With My Girlfriend

Ok so usually this question is the other way around, but i've seem to hit a wall. Every time my girlfriend and I are having sex, she finishes surprisingly early every time. It takes a maximum of about 10 minutes for her to climax. Now usually this would probably be something awesome and great. Although I want it to last more than 10 minutes. Side NOte: When i ejaculatate, i can keep going afterwords. I can go as many times as i want- well...the most times in a row was 7. After she finishes she seems to get soar. and can only have me inside her for so long after that. And i don't have some monster penis either, its only about 6 inches. I'm surprized that she would need lube. I'm 20 and she is 22. She's no dried up old lady, shes good to go. Everytime we have sex, she is always very wet. Plus we always start with foreplay. Oh and one more thing i forgot was she told me that after i ejaculate in her, it will eventually begin to burn. 0o? can anyone explain that? Plus, she tells me it bugs her that she can only do it once because she really wants to go longer. She wants to keep going.

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If he lasts too long, and by that I assume you mean you are getting sore, you can get some Astroglide to reduce friction when your natural lubrication can't keep up. He'll slow down when real life catches up to him. Kids, mortgage, asshat boss, your mother making unannounced visits, you nagging him about not taking out the garbage, etc. Also I imagine being drunk helps him last a long time, assuming he can even get aroused. Not really my thing, though.

Twenty minutes will suffice. That is if u know what u are doing. If you cant get it done in twenty wont get it done in 60. I promise. Try jerking off almost to climax and then stop. give it a few seconds then go again. this will make you last longer. Its a stamina thing. Just like runnung a marathon, no one can do it without training.

You should take it slower. Smoking doesnt really have anything to do with how long he lasts in bed.......however......drinking will. You should just talk to him.......and see how that works out

He could have some wine before you get started because alcohol lessens sexual sensitivity in men. Also he can try to think of distracting thoughts while he is doing it in order to hold out. Like about sports or things not relating to sex. Answer my question plz:

wrap your legs around him and thrust into him (but don't move back too far as to make him slip out). But making love is not about competition-it's about love!

just enjoy being on your own. why woul he continue doing this, if there has been trouble before? I don't think he cares.this cannot be good for the children either... good luck.

There are topical ointments, sprays and creams that will do what you desire. Usually the active ingredient is usually just a very low level of novocaine or xylocaine or a similar aesthetic. Some rare people can have extremely serious reactions to these or similar drugs, so know your allergies before using any. You can actually buy some of these products in adult stores, like "stallion spray."

If you really want info about how to prevent premature ejaculation click here!

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