Is It Safe To Take Ginkgo And Larginine Together And Does It Help With Erectile Dysfunction

im 17 years old and only can last less than 3 mins in bed i use to go for like 45 mins im not nervous nothing at all i think its because i have had sex in a while but could u help me what should i do to last longer?

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let him cum-then fool arround -let him cum again-keep this up -young people should be able to want and be able to fuck all night

from what i know, if he has a little extra weight he needs to work out more. losing that weight will help big time. another could be core training and leg training. another thing is you could take turns like he pump for a while then you get in a way where you can do the pumping and so forth. take breaks. idk if men last long. it differs. no he isnt unless he wants you to do all the work then yeah he is. but yeah those should help. oh maybe give him energy drinks oh please help me too:;_ylt=ArqXL1T96PkKPufNdr1Icqzsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080804204436AAv8L10

No, not a the nite b4 or the morning. Do it like a afew hr b4 you know you will do it, if you have a date do it rite b4 you leave, u will be calmer & while ur on ur date, the spank-bank will fill back up.

rahul gave you the best answer.......but from experience.....the stop and go technique really works well for my hubby.....and it allows time for other things more four play!!!!!

well your still a young pup- should get better with age BUT 90% of women do not have an orgasm from penetration so that being said you need more foreplay- start off and stop and go on to something else and then get back to it! this way you feel and kinda did last more like an hour and the starting and stopping will help! nothing wrong with you getting that "feeling" and stopping and doing things to her while you calm down then go back to it good luck Hiedi

I have the SAME! problem. Just tell him to masturbate a few times during the day if he feels you guys will end up doing it. That helped sometimes for me

It really depends on how fast we're going, and what position. I try to always give my wife an orgasm during every session, so until she orgasms first, I usually hold back a little. If I go for too long, however, I find it's harder to orgasm for me.

if it foreplay your talking about and it takes long for her to get you off its because a girl is never better and yanking it then a guy one way to make it Better would have her be behind you and then yank it for you and it will be about the same but that happens for every guy have her all so play with you sack a little that's always good

What you ask here is just so personal and inappropriate to ask strangers you don't know. A sex therapist would probably be a better alternative. Aren't there also books at the library to help you with this personal stuff?

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