How Can I Learn To Last Longer In Bed

my girlfriend is moving in a couple days and im disappointed about my performance in bed im only like 5 inches and i blow my load after 5-10 mins and i always make up a lame excuss like the condom broke or my roommate woke up and try to play it off id like to know either how to increase my size or stamina

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MY wife is so fat......not even the tide will take her out. She stood on a "speak your weight" machine.....and it said ..."one at a time please"

You can buy culturing kits off sites like to make food and containers to keep them in. If you have the flghtless Hydei or Melangasters they won't last long outside the tank unless you have the container in the kitchen you shouldn't have to worry about them getting in your food, they won't bite you and they won't lay eggs in your bed they need high humidity for their larvae if they don't have that the eggs don't hatch.

consider it a compliment- that means you're too sexy in bed! one (either stupid or brilliant) idea is to do it with almost all your clothes on so he can't see your naked body. That would make it less sexy for him and he might last longer.

jack off a couple hours before you have sex. you will last longer in bed trust me. Or take some pills not ones you buy in a store the hardcore shit.

Well having sex when he's about to cum ask him to stop thinking about you just thing something ramdom and keep moving lol. Well while having sex advice for you too think about him and enjoy each moment just don't lay there. If he's not attractive to you then he can't make you orgas..... Good luck

its not all about size...its how u make a girl feel. you always make a girl cum first and then urself if you want them to be satisfy . Play with her or eat her out first until she is up on her climax or ready to cum, then stick it in her and you both can both enjoy a good cum. Its doesn't matter the time, its about you both been satisfy.

He sounds like a jerk, but mabe u could try making him com earlier the day you plan to have sex, that way he wont have an excuse to be tired, and mabe he'll last longer, also you could try different positions, certain positions hit the girls G spot and couse her to feel more pleasure which will make u come faster.

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