How Do I Last Longer In Bed

When a man has a erection that last for more than 4 hours, this is a serious medical condition. The clinical term is referred to as a priapism. Erections that last for a long time are usually painful. What happens as I hear that the blood accumulates in the member, but can't get out. Kind of like the thunder dome, except 2 men enter, no men leave. If blood stays in there to long, the tissue begins to die, (I'm guessing due to lack of a oxygenated blood supply) there are some cases in which a men have erections for too long and part of the love shaft must be removed. So what this means is that its better for a man to be "early on the gun" if you will. And when it comes to early premature ejaculation ladies call me Usain Bolt. But no need to fight ladies there is enough dorkness to go around.

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It could tre a number of things. One is, which hopefully it isn't, you could be getting hardening of the arteries in your penis. Another is your wife might not turn you on as much as you turn her on. 'another is that you could be tired from working and you shouldn't be having sex that day at all. Another is that you simply need to learn to say, "fine," and go off and masturbate in the shower alone after she has gotten off.

I must say I need to laugh at this. Reason? because my husband and I were the same way. We;ve been together 5 yrs. now, and thats definitely not a problem anymore. I think we past it our first year. The secret? Foreplay. Do that and make him come that way. After he lets the first load out, he'll be able to go for intercourse longer than you ;)

agh,,,,awagh..................... u forgot to put the lid up,,then you put the cap back on the toothpaste,,, look here tootise,,, a mans gotta do what mans gotta do,,,go fix your man some supper and tell him ur sorry for being out of line,,,

I just saw some stuff that desensitezs his penis. The guy at the store (gas station) said a lot of guys love it. If you could get him to take viagara or ciales, that will also make him last longer. The fact that he isn't concerned about your needs is something that you should think about. Will your needs always come 2nd? Whether he wants to hear it or not, i would tell him that you are not sexually satisfied, very bluntly. Thats the last thing we want to hear if we care or love someone,

They dont. Since porno's are movies, they can film for awhile and then stop, and then continue the rest of it later, which makes it seem like their having sex for a long time, so yeah, their not lasting as long as it i used to wonder the same thing, but yeah thats the answer.

Lol, you are horny on your GF and sex, with your wife is already normal, that's why time difference. First before I tell you how to do it ... dun cheat your wife ! Only an a..h..e has GF and wife at the end you hurt both of them ... sianz. Ok now to your problem, 2 ways to fix the problem, one is medical, you can use some anesthesia on your little one, most famous but Illegal is cocaine to do this, second what i suggest is the interrupt technic.. You let yourself come up to a certain point where you still able to control, than change position, move out for placing you better on the bed. Excuses for the interrupt you easy find. After several times of interrupt the point till you cum moves up. Means you get more stable. I can do it if I like all night long, but at the end is really hard to get the point. Even I teached you this and you will see it works, dun cheat your wife, you dun love her any more get separated and stop her. You are really unfair to both ! Chris

well if you make an list of all men and women who are not faithfull you will have your balance sheet almost same for instance. IF 100 men want to cheat today they should have=100 women. well i do admit their are some special cases like like us who can also enjoy company of men but they are very small in percentage and beside it wont make such a big issue,

they're just pathetic. find a best friend, a really nice person to hang out with. & get to know them before you date. that way they feel comfortable telling you anything (eg. if they like someone else, it'll be easier to say)

One tip is to make him go by himself earlier in the day before seeing you, and hour or 2. Each time that happens it lowers drive. That was an answer from an expert in the field I read in a book.

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